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Oracy Day at Brook Green 2019

  •   Wed 02, 2019
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Oracy Day at Brook Green 2019

Thursday 14th February was a special day at Brook Green where we had celebration of our oracy skills and our love of language.

All lessons during the day were led with dialogic teaching. Students did a variety of activities including a debate in Art about whether humans should or should not eat insects which led to a very interesting change of heart to all students agreeing that we should eat insects that have been bred for human consumption!  We had lessons in science that focused on listening skills and speaking with a purpose about our favourite animals where students then had to summarise other students' thoughts.  Some students played 'Barrier Games' where one student had to explain in detail what they were drawing and other students using their listening skills to then reproduce that drawing without seeing it.  Other students had a debate in English about knife crime in larger cities (and what can be done to stop it) because they are studying Gangsta' Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah whilst our year 10 students (who are taking part in the Amnesty Words that Burn project) debated Human Rights and working conditions in clothing factories in Bangladesh and what actions the consumer can take to stop child labour and low wages.  In Maths, students were challenged with  finding different shapes and then using as much vocabulary to describe the object for others to then guess the shape.  

Dialogic teaching is talk that engages, stimulates and extends thinking and advances learning and understanding.  It is where we encourage the interactive use of language as a part of learning.  Brook Green has taken part in the city-wide Oracy Project which is linked to School 21 in Stratford as well as Voice 21. If you would like to know more about the oracy project then please have a look at our Oracy Guidance Booklet.  

Oracy Booklet


  •   Wed 02, 2019
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It has been a busy day so far in the Technology rooms today as year 11 plant up the planters that they have made as part of their Technical Award in Materials.

Quay Partnership Careers Fair

  •   Thu 01, 2019
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Quay Partnership Careers Fair at the Aquarium

On Tuesday Year 10’s and 11’s attended a Careers Fair at the Aquarium in association with the Quay Partnership schools.  Students and parents were given the opportunity to discuss future options with a wide variety of colleges and services. 

Year 11 RE Day

  •   Thu 01, 2019
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Year 11 RE Day

On Monday, Year 11 students visited the Plymouth Synagogue as part of their RE Day studies.  

Built in 1792, it is the oldest synagogue still in use in the English speaking world.  The students were given a talk on the history of the synagogue and gained an understanding of Judaism by local historian Jerry Sibley.  They experienced the different roles that are undertaken during a Jewish service and examined the various symbols and customs involved.  All the students enjoyed the experience and felt they had enhanced their knowledge of Jewish religion and customs.

Plymouth Argyle Community Opportunities for Schools

  •   Thu 01, 2019
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Plymouth Argle Community Opportunities during February Half Term

PAN Disability Road Show (February 21st 10am – 3pm) – Fun filled activity days taking place at Home Park which includes various football and sports activities for young people aged 5 -15 with a disability. (£10 if booked online)

For more information click here.

Short Breaks (February 18th & 19th 10am – 1pm) – Football and activity club for young people with either autism or ADHD.  (£10 for 2 days, £5 for 1 day)

Plymouth Information Advice and Support for SEND

  •   Tue 01, 2019
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Enhanced Transition Consultation
Tuesday 5 February 2019, 10-11am or 1.30-2.30pm
Plymouth Guildhall, Guildhall Square, Plymouth PL1 2BJ

Plymouth Parent Carer Voice and Plymouth City Council are looking to speak with parent/carers of children and young people with Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) who either last year or this year will be going through a transition stage.

Examples of Transition stages are: nursery to foundation, primary school to secondary and secondary to college.

This is a free session and parent and carers views and thoughts are being sought on the current process and planned changes.

For more information, please contact Claire Paddon at: 

Please book through Eventbrite:

Remembering the Holocaust

  •   Mon 01, 2019
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8SB RE Day: Remembering the Holocaust

Today 8SB learnt some extremely poignant history for Holocaust Memorial Day at Brook Green.  We learnt about the Nuremburg Laws and what these laws meant for Jewish people at the time.  We also learnt about the ghetto in Warsaw and how people might have lived there and what they might have eaten.  We then learnt about a man called Steven Frank who was only a boy at the time of the second world war and who ended up in Terezin concentration camp because of his religion.  We saw him go on a journey with his granddaughter Maggie who was rediscovering her grandfather's past.  We saw Steven Frank put down some stones on a memorial in Terezin to represent all of his family members who were murdered in different concentration camps including his father, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins.  

Then we looked at different Holocaust memorials around the world and we made a memorial of our own that you can see in the photograph below.  We decided we wanted to make a very respectful memorial based on some of the other memorials around the world as well as our own ideas.  We included memorial stones, a tree whose strong roots mean we will always remember as well as shoes and suitcases which represent Jewish people having their identities and lives taken away from them. 

As Steven Frank said in the documentary, "we remember these things, and tell these things so your generation and the generation after you as well so people don't forget because as soon as you start forgetting about what happened in the past it will surely happen again."

If you would like to learn more about Steven Frank then please visit:

Words that Burn

  •   Fri 01, 2019
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Words that Burn

Year 10 have been taking part in Amnesty International's Words that Burn programme of work.  So far we have researched the poets Nadia Anjuman and Jack Mapanje and how their human rights were broken as well as looking at all of our Human Rights but especially in relation to freedom and freedom of expression.  The students are writing poems in response to human rights being broken as well as some whole class poems.  Below is an example of the whole class poem they created about 'freedom of speech' which is based on the style of Elsa Weizell who wrote the poem 'Encounter with Freedom':

The Freedom of Life by 10/EN1

Like a joyful tear streaming down my face.

Like a dolphin swimming through blue water.

Like a horse galloping elegantly across the beautiful green fields.

Like a ghost of my conscience flowing across all time

Like a campfire in the night

Like a light at the end of the tunnel

Like a rabbit leaping with joy through fields

Like a baby’s first cry of breath

Like an angel singing from above

Telling me to shine bright…

“This is the way I love freedom”. 

Our students will be taking part in many activities including writing letters to Amnesty, entering an Amnesty one minute poem competition based on 'Power', entering a city wide poetry competition, producing a whole school Brook Green poetry anthology and doing other work in relation to Human Rights in relation to: 'Being Me', 'Change', 'Witness', 'Dignity', 'Speak Up', 'Power' and 'Respect'.   

If you would like to know more about Amnesty International and Words that Burn then please visit:

Litter Picking in Whitleigh Woods

  •   Wed 01, 2019
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Litter Picking in Whitleigh Woods

As part of their Asdan CoPE Award Year 10 are undertaking a regular litter pick in Whitleigh Park and the surrounding areas.  The group have so far collected bags and bags of rubbish and 5 shopping trolleys.  The group contacted the local Council and today Mike Berry sent out a team to collect the trolleys.  they were very impressed with the group's enthusiasm for litter clearance and said they were happy to collect more trolleys from us because the process helps young people understand the value of local parks and natural environments.

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