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Detective Dave comes to Brook Green

  •   Mon 05, 2017
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Detective Dave AKA Michael House the Healthy Child Leadership Associate at the Local Authority spent the morning with Year 7 and 8 looking at the concept of radicalisation and extremism.

8MW thought Dave was naturally engaging and made the sessions fun, it involved a lot of interaction including worksheets requiring detailed discussion.  Vocabulary such as 'radical' was explained in a way that everyone could understand. Then discussions in groups lead by an adult, gave us the chance to deepen and embed our understanding.

 This is what 8HE said ....

Lara 'I learnt about the rule of law. If we do not have rules we could do what ever we want. That would be bad'

Ameleah 'I learnt about the freedom of speech. That everyone has their own options and opinions. Not everyone has the same opinion'

John 'I learnt that we have to understand what other people are thinking, do that we don't make them upset'

Ben 'I liked doing the activities with Dave. I liked doing the quiz, because the questions were good'

By the end of the session Year 7 and 8 knew what was meant by radical, radicalisation, extreme and extremist.  This knowledge will help them make sense of news items on TV or in papers and generally help them understand better what is happening in the world.

 7AB gave Detective Dave's workshop a.  They particularly liked the small group work. Also they liked the way Detective Dave's helper came around and spoke to everyone. 

Kirsty said, 'I liked the way he encouraged us to put our hands up when we wanted to speak and he encouraged us to listen to each other'. 

Jamie said, ' I like the way he encouraged us to agree to disagree, to listen to someone that has got a different point view from you without arguing.'

Thanks Detective Dave - you made the learning fun!


Empty Classroom Week

  •   Thu 05, 2017
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Empty Classroom Week

As part of Brook Greens ongoing  commitment to learning in the natural environment the school took part in Empty Classroom Week.  Students and staff planned their lessons to take advantage of our unique environment.  The weather was really kind to us and we took every opportunity to get out and about. I witnessed a really great  maths lesson on shapes where students had to collect 9 twigs and make as many triangles out of those 9 twigs.The record was 18! The teacher involved commented

"This sort of education lends itself to experiencing the learning firsthand.  Nature is the best teacher after all. I cannot wait for the next one in July".

British Para-Swimming International Meet

  •   Thu 05, 2017
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British Para-Swimming International Meet

Cameron Vearncombe took part in the British Para-Swimming International Meet at Sheffield between 27-30th April.  He took part in several races the 100 metres Mens' Freestyle and the 100 metres Mens' breaststroke.  Considering that he was one of the youngest swimmers taking part he did really well.  

He has a really bright future ahead of him he is being sponsored by Sport's Aid. Under the banner of "Backing the Best" Cameron will receive up to £5,000  funding to help him develop his potential in the sport, previous recipients have been Mo Farah CBE, Sir Chris Hoy, and Sir Bradley Wiggins, so he is in good company. Cameron was invited to Nottingham in May to attend the Backing the Best Workshop in Nottingham  He was able to find out more about the programme and meet other athletes. he also  Rebecca Adlington the Olympic Gold Medallist which was very inspiring for him.

CanDo - Community Additional Needs Day Out - YMCA Plymouth

  •   Wed 05, 2017
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CanDo - Community Additional Needs Day Out - YMCA Plymouth

CanDo is a fun day welcome to all, full of inclusive activities, entertainment and more!

The day will bring together groups and organisations offering a range of activities, providing support and advice and raising awareness of opportunities available for people with additional needs. You can also expect a BBQ and Live Music throughout the day!

For more information click this link.

TR2 Visit Year 10 Arts Award

  •   Tue 05, 2017
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TR2 Visit Yr 10 Arts Award

As parents/carers you probably have moments when you wish you were a 'fly on the wall', just to witness your child's behaviour and attitude to others in the big wide world. Today, as that fly, you would have been immensely proud of your child, I know I was beaming with pride as we had a grand tour of the Theatre Royals Creative and Production Centre. 

Each one of our Performing Arts students asked insightful questions, they were polite, enthusiastic, and showed a genuine caring attitude to their peers and wonderful hosts. Our tour guide Dani said she "enjoyed herself so much" and wanted to give the students an extra workshop, and although we couldn't stay she ensured we left with the resources to run the workshop ourselves.

Although all of our students excelled during the visit today, Lewis was extraordinary, he asked so many fantastic questions that really challenged our host. The best quote of the day from Lewis had to be "if 500 people already work for you, then make it 501 because I am joining", this is the genuine impact of raising aspirations, through work related learning.

Well done to all of the students and staff involved today.

Brook Green sail on the Leader

  •   Wed 05, 2017
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Brook Green Sail on the Leader

At the end of April Brook Green students and staff were lucky enough to have the opportunity to sail with the Trinity Sailing Foundation for a week on the ‘Leader’, a Brixham trawler.

Our journey took us from Brixham harbour, to Plymouth and back via Dartmouth and Salcombe and on the way we saw dolphins; visited the ‘Kastalot’ – a beautiful old sailing boat being refurbished to its old glory; moored up on deserted beaches and were invited aboard an old Spanish pirate ship in Brixham harbour.

We also hoisted sails, pulled ropes, scrubbed decks, cooked and worked as a team, sailing in total 105 nautical miles.

In the process we learned the importance of team work; how to get along with each other and gained in confidence, self belief and resilience. We know a lot about sailing too!

Many thanks to our amazing crew: Skipper Stan, Emma, Enya, Ellie and Hugh.

Brook Green Centre for Learning to become a Centre of Excellence in financial education

  •   Tue 05, 2017
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Brook Green Centre for Learning to become a Centre of Excellence in financial education

Students at Brook Green Centre for Learning, Plymouth, will soon be taught about money and personal finance, after it was announced that the ‘Outstanding’ Special School for ages 11 – 16, has been chosen to join the Centre of Excellence programme in financial education.

The news comes as part of a ground-breaking partnership between the UK’s leading financial education charity, Young Enterprise, and Santander.

The announcement means Brook Green Centre for Learning will work with an educational specialist to create a detailed programme of financial education for their students and integrate the teaching of personal finance into the curriculum.  Teachers will be assisted in the delivery of effective personal finance lessons and learning activities, drawing on the charity’s 55 years of experience of aiding educators in schools, centres & colleges across the UK. 

Santander is supporting the development of Brook Green Centre for Learning, Plymouth, to achieve Centre of Excellence* status in the next year, turning it into a beacon of best practice in teaching young people about money.  The special school is one of 115 across the country set to benefit from the programme, 60 of which are currently funded by Santander. It will be supported in sharing its new expertise with other schools and centres in the local area to benefit the wider educational community.

Sara Jordan, Headteacher of Brook Green Centre for Learning, said: "We know just how important it will be for our students to manage their money well throughout their lives so that they can develop their independence.  These skills don’t come automatically and it is a really big hurdle for many of our students who have a range of complex needs. These skills need to be taught and as it is our responsibility to prepare them for their next steps into adult life, we believe embedding financial education into our curriculum is a necessity. We are pleased to be working with Young Enterprise to become a Centre of Excellence in this crucial area, for the benefit of our students.”

Michael Mercieca, Chief Executive of Young Enterprise, said: “We are delighted that Brook Green Centre for Learning has joined our Centre of Excellence programme through our partnership with Santander. The work that staff will be doing with our educational specialists over the coming months will be of enormous benefit to students, with financial education set to be firmly embedded into the curriculum.  Our aim is to ensure that all students enter adult life with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to manage money well.”

Dawn Young, Branch Manager at Santander’s Plymouth branch, said: “Santander is a purpose driven business. Our purpose is to help people and businesses prosper and we are committed to supporting people in our communities through skills, knowledge and innovation. Young people are encountering money earlier than ever so it’s imperative that they have the skills they need to manage their money well. The Centres of Excellence programme offers a tailored programme designed by education experts to ensure no young person is left behind.”

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