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First Aid moves to Great Heights

  •   Fri 03, 2017
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First Aid moves to Great Heights

Many thanks to Devonshire Freemasons who presented us with a new First Aid Kit to support our off site activities programme.

The Easter Bunny Visits Brook Green Early

  •   Fri 03, 2017
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The Easter Bunny Visits Brook Green Early

A sincere thank you to all who donated Easter Eggs and purchased raffle tickets. Brook Green raised a massive £130 and without your support this event would not have been made possible. A big thank you also to Mi-Space for their contribution of Easter Eggs and ticket purchase.

Raiders Visit Brook Green

  •   Wed 03, 2017
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Raiders Visit Brook Green

Some Brook Green students had the amazing opportunity of meeting a very respected team member of Plymouth Raiders.  Cory Dixon came to visit students at Brook Green on 28th March, he interacted with our students and showed a real positive role model to all.

The students really enjoyed everything about Cory's visit from basketball activities to interviewing him asking him numerous questions about his career and life experiences.

Some were able to to have a one to one photo with Cory as well as having a signed picture of Cory.

A special thank you goes to Cory and to Dave Briggs who made this special visit happen for our Students.
Some quotes from the students who were involved in this visit are

He is so tall I look so small

Planting at Brook Green

  •   Fri 03, 2017
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Planting at Brook Green

On Thursday 22nd March, a few year 7's, 8's and 9's planted thirty hedges along the fence in front of the school. They planted Hollies, Roses, and other varieties of plants to help liven up the school grounds along the new construction in front of the school. 

STEM day visit to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

  •   Tue 03, 2017
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STEM day visit to Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre

Wow! What an amazing day at the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre with Year 11 & 12 students; the fun packed, informative and 'awesome' activity was a special visit arranged by our wonderful Mrs Eglinton for the annual STEM day.

The students were invited to board the various types of aircraft, ranging from 1960's passenger planes to Jet fighters. The volunteer guides (some of them retired pilots) gave very informative tours of each plane, with detailed explanations about the history and mechanics of each one.The highlight though, for many of our students, was the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of the planes and feel like a true pilot, testing out the flying equipment.

 As usual, our students made a big impression, a member of staff at the centre said they were 'exceptional, very caring to each other, polite, and it was an absolute pleasure to have us as visitors'. Comments like this always makes me feel very proud to be part of our unique school community and highlights the enriching educational experience students gain from our offsite activities.

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