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Onions, Potatoes and Garlic

  •   Tue 07, 2015
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Onions, Potatoes and Garlic

On Friday 10th July it was a beautiful sunny day and it was time to harvest all the Onions that I planted back in November last year. I planted three types, Shallots, Red onions and White onions. I forgot we planted Shallots as their leaves look a lot like Garlic. All the Onions grew in the soil in school in the raised beds. They all grew really. You can see then in the photo. I am really happy because the Onions that I grew will be used for our end of year BBQ and sports day. I will have onions with my burger and hot dogs.

As you can see in the photograph the Potato harvest failed completely this year, it was shocking. I planted 48 Potatoes in late February this year. We left them in the soil for a long time hoping we would get a nice big crop but we didn’t. I think we had a bad crop because of the weed. Mr Dean isn’t sure if it is the soil or because it has been very dry. For next year we will get some manure to make the soil better.

This year because I made a fruit cage around the Red Currant bush I had a very good crop. The cage stopped all the birds eating Red Currants.

Oh, I nearly forgot I have also planted a Sycamore Tree in the soil near the picnic seating area that is already being used. One day when it is a old and big tree it will make lovely shade for Brook Green students.

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