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No Pens Day 2015

  •   Thu 12, 2015
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No Pens Day at Brook Green - 3rd December 2015

All students at Brook Green took part in No Pens Day on Thursday 3rd December.  It was a fun day that involved putting down our pens and 'picking up our language'.  Students took part in speaking and listening activities across the whole curriculum.  In English, all students performed presentations ranging from 'Do animals speak with an accent too?', projects about idiolect, sociolect, dialect and accent and projects about specialist language they may use such as language associated with the Rubik's Cube.  GCSE students performed their speaking and listening such as an improvisation that put George from Of Mice and Men on trial, a debate and discussion about endangered animals, a presentation questioning the influence of computer games and a presentation about Operation Overlord.  Another class explored and ordered the alphabet with Alphabetti Spahgetti!

In other curriculum lessons, year 9 students shared Remembrance Day presentations with the rest of the class and Year 7 students explored the French language by  interacting with words and pictures and explaining their choices.  In Mathematics, students investigate weight comparisons verbally whilst in Science students described reactions of magnesium and copper.

Students agreed that they really liked No Pens Day and would like to do it again!


No Pens Day is led by The Communications Trust.  The Communications Trust is a coalition of over 50 not-for-profit organisations. They  work together to 'support everyone who works with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication

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