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Foodbank 2015

  •   Fri 12, 2015
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Foodbank 2015

Thanks so much to everyone that contributed to the Foodbank!  Kevin from the Foodbank collected it all this morning and we had 8 full Tesco crates of groceries! On behalf of Plymouth Foodbank, he was very grateful for the massive amount of food that everyone at Brook Green collectively contributed. He said that it had been a very busy week and that on Wednesday they had 105 people in to collect food and there was hardly room to move.

We will write a blog about this year's collection but here are a couple of photos that show our students helping to load up the car.  The Foodbank will contact us soon to let us know the overall weight of the contributed items.

Thanks again,

Sallie and Mirella

On behalf 8SB and 8MP

We also received a thank you letter.

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