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Candidates for Plymouth Youth Parliament 2016

  •   Fri 01, 2016
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Candidates for Plymouth Youth Parliament 2016

I am really proud to announce that two Brook Green students are standing for this year's Plymouth Youth Parliament Election. Bronwyn and Casey have been busy on their election campaigns and have made a video outlining their manifestos. 

Bronwyn's campaign is focused on helping the young and homeless of Plymouth.  She wants better support and understanding for them. She also want to get speakers into school to highlight their plight and that way make a difference to people's lives.

Casey is campaigning for young carers and he wants more support and recognition for the role they play within the family. He wants to educate staff and students on the challenges young carers face every day that are not always recognised or appreciated.

Both students are very brave to put themselves forward like this and not only have they made a video but have set up official Twitter and Facebook accounts for their campaigns.

Voting will commenece from the 23rd January and we wish both candidates every success.  The winners will be announced on the 30th January at the Council House from 12.30pm on Saturday.

We would  like to thank the help and support given to our students to structuring their campaigns by Jenny Way who works for the Youth Worker Team in Plymouth.

The Plymouth Herald also posted about how Casey and Bronwyn are currently campaigning, click here to view the page.

Youth Parliament have also posted on Vimeo about the canidates for this year, Casey and Bronwyn are candidates 7 and 8. Please click this link to view the video.

Here are Casey's Page Links to his Twitter and Facebook:
Casey's Campaign Poster

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