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Shakespeare 400 at Brook Green

  •   Mon 05, 2016
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Shakespeare 400 at Brook Green

On Tuesday 26th April 2016, the whole school celebrated the life and works of William Shakespeare by taking part in creative writing and creative activities all day.  There was a buzz of excitement around the school as many members of staff and students had dressed up for the day.  We had a 'coven' of witches, an array of Elizabethan women and gentlemen, Prospero from The Tempest a court jester and Friar Lawrence from Romeo and Juliet!   The day began with everybody learning facts about Shakespeare and then we moved on to one of big challenges of the day which was creating our own sonnets.  After watching Akala (a rapper who loves Shakespeare), students were shown how to create the rhyming pattern and how to create lines of poetry in 'iambic pentameter'.  Students really exceeded expectations with this creative writing task and a variety of sonnets were created about subjects such as food, school, pets and sports.

For lunch, Liz created a tasty 'Elizabethan style' menu where students enjoyed one-pot sausage casserole with crusty bread, vegetable pottage and Maids of Honour.  Ken Bates our Site Manager had designed and made our 'Elizabethan photo stocks' where students and staff had the opportunity to have their photos taken as an Elizabethan couple!  Students and staff really enjoyed this and Key Stage Three students queued up to have their photos taken all afternoon!

Students were also lucky enough to see a performance by our wonderful drama experts Mrs Miles (Cover Supervisor) and Miss Hewlett (TLA).  They took on a range of Shakespeare plays and characters from A Midsummer Night's Dream and Romeo and Juliet.  Mrs Miles cleverly created and choreographed the performance and even Miss Boothman took part as Bottom from A Midsummer Night's Dream...  Students agreed that Miss Hewlett and Mrs Miles were both absolutely amazing!  Mrs Miles' son helped put together the technical side of the show and appeared (on film) as the narrator throughout the performance.  Students also created 'William Shakespeare' finger puppets and did a little Elizabethan costume design. 

For the last lesson of the day, we all shared our ideas and creations, read some of our sonnets and shared some facts we had learned about Shakespeare.  Whilst this was happening, students and staff were able to enjoy the 'Elizabethan recipe' biscuits made by Mrs Wenmoth and Syrus (from year 7).  These were ginger biscuits with a recipe from 'The Globe' website and a shortbread biscuit that used rose water!  Everybody agreed that the ginger biscuits were the favourite!

We all agreed that it was a great day and are looking forward to the next chance to 'dress up' again in character!

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