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Year 8 SB - Enterprise Project

  •   Mon 05, 2016
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Year 8 SB - Enterprise Project

Miss Boothman's tutor group (8SB) have been working on an Enterprise Project in order to raise money for a charity.  As a group, they formed a company called 'The Deliverers'.  They then created a survey for staff and students to determine which product they should initially make.  After a few surveys it was decided that biscuits were a popular item and that staff and students would buy them. After a 'biscuit' survey they calculated that the most popular biscuits were chocolate chip and shortbread.  During a Food Tech lesson, they made the biscuits and the next day they sold some of them.  The second day of the sale saw the total amount raised pushed up to £27.00.  Before the sale, 8SB decided to give any money raised to Gables Farm Dogs' and Cats' Home.  We phoned up Gables and asked if they needed any goods purchased for them up to the amount of £27.00.  Gables said they needed Chappie dog food, washing powder and cat toys.

On the next Friday tutor afternoon, 8SB will be going shopping with the funds they raised and will then invite Gables in to collect the donations.  More information will follow after we have shopped!

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