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Radio Plymouth Visit 2016

  •   Mon 10, 2016
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Radio Plymouth Visit 2016

On 19th September six Brook Green students, Miss Oakes and Miss Holt visited Radio Plymouth to see how a radio station operates and to interview Tim Manns, DJ.

Tim spent a lot of time with us and showed us how a radio station works. We then interviewed him to learn more about life as a DJ.

Radio Plymouth is quite a new radio station and has only been open for a six and a half years. Tim explained that Radio Plymouth is aimed at 25 - 54 years olds, so they have to play music that appeals to this age group. Tim explained, 'some music like the Beatles is timeless' but the station try to get a balance and also play a lot of currrent music too.

The team asked Tim for advice on setting up a school radio station. Tim said, 'Preparation is everything, never go into a studio without knowing what you're going to say - but don't script it.' 

Tim has been a DJ for 38 years. The biggest news stories Tim reported on were covering the death of Princess Diana and 9/11. Tim said, 'You have to reflect the mood of people at the time of the stories. You have to reflect how people feel.'

The team agreed it was 'fun. It gave us ideas about how to develop our show'.

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