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The Chicken Run at Brook Green

  •   Fri 10, 2016
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The Chicken Run at Brook Green

We said a sad farewell to our final chicken as she went off to pastures new in St Dominick - a big thank you to Kieron and his family for giving her a new home as she would have found it very hard when we introduced our new brood. She is now happily settled in and enjoying the spacious run there. We are now the proud owners of 6 new chickens that were chosen by Fern, Syrus, Jess, Bradley and Troy helped by Mr Glanville. Mrs Jordan and Mr Bates were allowed to choose one between them as well! We looked at their friendliness, hardiness and layability before making our final selection. We have an Amber Rock, a Rhode Rock, a Light Sussex, a Blue Maran, a Speckled Gold and a Lohmann Brown with egg colours ranging from plum to blue and light brown. We are now excitedly waiting for each year group to name them and for our first eggs which will be used in Food Tech.

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