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Poole Farm 13/10/2016

  •   Mon 10, 2016
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Poole Farm 13/10/2016

This week year 10 became cowboys and cowgirls as the herded the farm's bullocks into the barn to be checked by the vet for Tuberculosis. They did a sterling job and the bullocks were in  the barn in no time at all thanks to their teamwork.  The Farmer was very impressed with they way the students worked together and remained calm and sensible and did not frighten or spook the livestock.  Once the tests were completed the students got to know them and there was lots opportunity to pt and stroke the livestock.  After lunch, Year 10 once again planted trees and they wanted to beat the record of 31 trees planted the last time we were here.  They not only beat it, but smashed it by planting 44 trees.  This brings the tree planting total to 75 trees planted by Year 10 students which is a great effort.

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