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Nadina Karate Training 2016

  •   Wed 11, 2016
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Nadina Karate Training 2016

My dad, my sister and I started Karate in May 2016 at Doryoku Ryu Karate Club, near Jump in Plymouth.  We started Karate for one lesson on a Monday.  We did it for quite a while, and then we started doing two lessons on a Monday; because we kept going, we got our yellow belts after our white belts.  Then I jumped from a yellow to an orange belt quite quickly.  I started going a lot more often and practicing my Kata, I got my red belt.  Most people take about eight weeks to go from one belt to another.  I went up two belts in six weeks!

My Sensei told me to join a tournament because I was doing really well.  I went to a tournament in Cornwall during the school holidays.  There were hundreds of competitors.  I was competing against higher grades – green and purple belts, mainly.  I won a bronze medal for point sparring and another bronze medal for continuous sparring.  I was graded by my Sensei (who was the main judge) and three other judges.  This Christmas I will be going back to do another tournament.  Please wish me luck.

Last Saturday I did an anti-bullying session.  I learned about the way bullies act, strategies for self-defence and ways to ignore their behaviour.  The self-defence methods showed me how to get out of group conflict and what to do if I felt that I was going to hurt by someone.  Sensei was showing off.  It was quite educational, but also quite funny.

If anyone is interested in learning about martial arts, you can contact Doryoku Ryu Karate Club on 07548913777 or talk to me about it. 

By Nadina Lamble

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