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Victorian Day at Brook Green Centre for Learning

  •   Fri 12, 2016
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Victorian Day at Brook Green Centre for Learning

We  were treated to an extraordinary day of Victorian excitement on Thursday 8th December 2016!  All lessons had a Victorian theme and students looked at various aspects of Victorian life from: the  life of a chimney sweep, the structure of suspension bridges, filtering dirty water, diary writing about the East London slums and playing Victorian sports and games.  Some students were treated to a day out by taking a trip on the railway over the Royal Albert Bridge in order to visit the Saltash Heritage Museum.

Staff and students were able to dress up for the day if they wished and the school was busy with chimney sweeps, Florence Nightingale, Victorian bathers, Miss Havisham, I K Brunel, Victorian gentlemen, Victorian ladies and the early Suffragettes.  Year 7, 8 and 9 students were given a special commemorative token for the day in the form of a presentation Victorian penny.  A student from  year 9 said:  "It was fun seeing everybody  dressed up and I enjoyed learning about the Victorians.  My favourite lesson was English where we played different Victorian parlor games such as Charades and Squeak Piggy Squeak".

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