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Christmas Grotto Trip

  •   Fri 12, 2016
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Christmas Grotto Trip

On Tuesday Katie and Luke discovered that Father Christmas wouldn't be on the Plym Valley Railway line because he had a prior commitment at Chaplins. So, we thought that we should go and  hunt him down. It was a bit tricky but after we walked through the garden centre we discovered his Grotto! We followed the trail seeing so many lovely Christmas scenes until eventually it led us to the big fellow himself - it was so exciting to finally find him. He was a jolly chap and he asked if we had all been good - we have of course. It was such a surprise that he confessed that he had been naughty but he wouldn't  tell us what he had done. We had an inkling that he may have had too many sherry's last year whilst doing his rounds and that he still drove his sleigh even though he was over the limit!

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