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Year 8 Wembury Beach Visit

  •   Tue 01, 2017
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Year 8 Wembury Beach Visit

As part of Year 8's Marine Champions Project the group visited Wembury Beach on the 25th January. This is a joint Geography and Citizenship topic.  Ms Black was on hand to work with Mr Spree and the TLAs. It was a beautiful day and the students were finding out about the diversity of life in the rockpools in the morning.  We found many a crab and a shrimp or three. 

Unfortunately, we were too slow to catch any fish and a Rockling, a Pipe Fish and a Blenny all got away. We were helped by Marine Wildlife Officer Coral Smith who was on hand to explain the flora and fauna we were finding.  In the afternoon we went litter picking  from the beach and we collected three bags full!  The aim of the project is to raise awareness of  terrestial pollution  and its harmful effects on the shoreline.

The Geography and Citizenship research question that we went to the beach to find the answer to was; "Is environmental diversity affected by the levels of rubbish and pollution?"  In the next few weeks in our Geograohy and Citizenship lessons we will be finding the answer.

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