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Detective Dave comes to Brook Green

  •   Mon 05, 2017
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Detective Dave AKA Michael House the Healthy Child Leadership Associate at the Local Authority spent the morning with Year 7 and 8 looking at the concept of radicalisation and extremism.

8MW thought Dave was naturally engaging and made the sessions fun, it involved a lot of interaction including worksheets requiring detailed discussion.  Vocabulary such as 'radical' was explained in a way that everyone could understand. Then discussions in groups lead by an adult, gave us the chance to deepen and embed our understanding.

 This is what 8HE said ....

Lara 'I learnt about the rule of law. If we do not have rules we could do what ever we want. That would be bad'

Ameleah 'I learnt about the freedom of speech. That everyone has their own options and opinions. Not everyone has the same opinion'

John 'I learnt that we have to understand what other people are thinking, do that we don't make them upset'

Ben 'I liked doing the activities with Dave. I liked doing the quiz, because the questions were good'

By the end of the session Year 7 and 8 knew what was meant by radical, radicalisation, extreme and extremist.  This knowledge will help them make sense of news items on TV or in papers and generally help them understand better what is happening in the world.

 7AB gave Detective Dave's workshop a.  They particularly liked the small group work. Also they liked the way Detective Dave's helper came around and spoke to everyone. 

Kirsty said, 'I liked the way he encouraged us to put our hands up when we wanted to speak and he encouraged us to listen to each other'. 

Jamie said, ' I like the way he encouraged us to agree to disagree, to listen to someone that has got a different point view from you without arguing.'

Thanks Detective Dave - you made the learning fun!


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