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British Values

  •   Mon 06, 2017
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At Brook Green we value the diverse backgrounds of all students, families and the wider school community.  To celebrate our uniqueness we spent a fantastic day working together on our core British Values of respect, democracy, acceptance, rule of law, tolerance and liberty.

Through the medium of Sports and outdoor learning Year 10 explored respect, the rule of law and tolerance and joined in team building together. They produced thought provoking presentations using their computing skills to celebrate sportsmanship in its broadest sense.

In Food Technology Year 7, 8 and 9 enjoyed the greatest number one 'British' takeaway by making pizza in our own built Pizza ovens and looked at how our food and diet has changed overtime to reflect the amazing cultural diversity of 21st century Britain.

Years 7 and 8 also explored our core values through Art. Firstly, they took part in two short activities exploring how they respond to different points of view in others, and what ‘Respect’ means to them. Then they illustrated, through collage and painting, how we can respect differences in others.

In Science Year 9 investigated the work of  15 British scientists who have made a huge impact on the work of other scientists. For each scientist students had practical opportunities to show how the scientist was important.  For example, one activity was calculating the power of a motor as it lifted a weight.  Newton, Watt and Joule were discussed in relevance to the measurements of force, energy and power, than Faraday's impact on the development of the motor.  This led to discussions about Maxwell and Thompson, which then led to the British Scientists making impacts on atomic structure and the Periodic Table, then finally biologists such as Fleming and Crick (co-discoverer of the structure of DNA).  All scientists reinforced ideas students have been learning in Year 9.   It emphasised the importance of working together across nations, valuing contributions of other scientists, resilience and creativity.

Students also discussed modern British scientists and the ethical questions that their contributions make to society.  Students worked in groups to come up with pros and cons in a variety of situations involving 'designer babies' and other genetic research.  Year 9 showed tolerance of different points of view during the presentations.  Mr Weber and Mr Marshall were both thoroughly impressed with their attitude, understanding and empathy.

We are incredibly proud of our achievements at Brook Green and enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate and share them together.

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