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Jubilee Challenge

  •   Mon 06, 2017
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Jubilee Challenge

The Jubilee Challenge is a trekking expedition on northern Dartmoor designed specifically for young people with special needs, both physical and educational. Incorporated within the Ten Tors Event in 1977 as the Special Event, it was renamed the Jubilee Challenge in 1996

Close to 400 participants are involved in the Jubilee Challenge each year. Participants enter the Challenge as a member of a team or as an individual. Just like the Ten Tors Challenge, they are required to trek and navigate across northern Dartmoor to specified checkpoints.

The school has been taking part in the challenge since 1978 so we have a long proud tradition in this event. Once again we had a really successful Jubilee Challenge. We all survived the gale force winds overnight holding onto the tents so we weren’t blown away! Nine students and 5 staff completed the 10 mile walk and were welcomed home by parents and carers. Lewis, Troy, Kitty, Brodie and Brooklyn, taking part for the first time were awarded a bronze medal. Emily, Paul, Kylen and Elliot walking for the second year gained a silver medal. Well done to everyone in the 40th year of this fantastic event. A huge thank you to all who took part. Date for the diary next year- 11-12 May.

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