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World Wildlife Fund Project: 7SB and 7PEA

  •   Fri 09, 2017
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World Wildlife Fund Project:  7SB and 7PEA

 7PEA and 7SB have been taking part in a special project during their Building Blocks lesson!

The aim of the project was to adopt an animal from the WWF.  They each chose the animal they would like to adopt and researched this animal over a week during their lessons.  They then created a poster from their research as well as information sheets and slideshows in order to then have a final vote (after making presentations) to decide the animal they are going to adopt.

After practising their presentations, they then all got together as one large group and presented these on No Pens Day.  They did extremely well and we heard persuasive and informative presentations about polar bears, mountain gorillas, the Amur Leopard, Adele Penguins, giant pandas, bottlenose dolphins, the wolf and snow leopards.  Both tutor groups did extremely well; it was their first presentation and they also had special guests in the form of the Deputy Head AND two of the Governors! We all agreed that they did so well that after the vote we were going to adopt TWO animals!  The result of the final vote was that we are going to adopt BOTH the giant panda and also the mountain gorilla!

Both tutor groups will write further blogs about this once we receive our cuddly toy and the information and updates about our adopted animals!

 If you want to know more about WWF and the work that they do, then please follow the link below:

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