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Brook Green School Council

  •   Thu 06, 2013
  •   Events
  •   Posted by Admin

What student councils are about.

  • Giving every student in the school a chance to say what they want, knowing that they will be listened to and that their views will be considered.

  • Sharing and exchanging ideas with students in other forms and other years.

  • Involving students in making decisions about how the school is run.

  • Giving students experience of creating new initiatives, solving problems and achieving their goals.

  • Respecting students in their own education and improving the school community.

  • Involving the whole school community in developing shared standards of behaviour and maintaining them

  • Making sure that students have the right to express their views, and to have their views taken into account, on matters that concern their life in school.

  • Ensuring that the school is a happy one for all students to enable them to learn to the best of their ability.

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