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INSET Training at Brook Green

  •   Tue 11, 2017
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Ever wondered what we all do on a training day?

As part of our ongoing professional development we undertook a number of different training sessions which included our second E safety update from our CEOP trainer Ms Eastel, an update on our ‘in house’ therapy programme, new SLEUTH reporting and monitoring for Tutors, the General Data Protection Act and  Literacy and the spoken word.

We also had an interactive session on Numeracy with PE where the Mathematics department teamed up with the P.E. department to deliver a session on ‘Numeracy across the Curriculum’.  Training days often involve sessions that require sitting for long periods of time, we therefore thought it would be fun to involve all members of staff in a lesson that made them stand up and exert some energy.  Staff were placed in teams, given a basketball and their own basket and then instructed to score as many baskets in 2 minutes as possible.  Scores and attempts were recorded and then written on a central board.  These scores were given as fractions.  Questions were then asked such as which team is better, or which team scored more etc.  This led on to working out the percentage success rate for each team.  This shows how easily each team can be compared and thus the power of using percentages.  This process was then repeated and once again the results analysed and discussed. As always the competitive members of staff were determined to outdo the others!

The idea was to show how maths can be taught outside of the classroom, producing real life maths that students can relate to and hopefully remember.  This cross curricular work can also be extended with literacy, science and other subjects. 

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