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  •   Mon 01, 2018
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Dear Brook Green School,

On behalf of Shekinah, I would like to thank you for your kind donation of £185.15on 2QTH OF December 2017. We are grateful for your support, kindness and generosity. It really is important for the clients to know that, kind people in the local community,  think and  care about them.

Shekinah is a charity, which has been working to help socially excluded and disadvantaged people since December 1992. Now into our 25th year, with the help of supporters such as you, Shekinah has been able to support those with complex needs into healthier, less chaotic lives. Those issues include homelessness, drug and alcohol misuse, offending, mental ill health and long-term unemployment.

People accessing our services in Plymouth and Torbay gain in personal development, confidence, training and general health. This has a positive impact on both the individuals themselves and the community at large. Shekinah seeks to break the chains of negative lifestyles, repeat offending, homelessness and unemployment.

Our aim is to give encouragement to the socially excluded, helping them to realise their full potential, move forward in their lives and have  the best chance  to bring real and lasting change in their lives.

Therefore, we thank you sincerely for being part o'building lives and futures' with Shekinah.

Kind regards

Pat Andrews


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