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School Meal Price Increase

  •   Mon 04, 2018
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School meal prices in Plymouth frozen until September 2018

School meal prices in Plymouth will remain amongst the lowest in the region from April despite continuing increases in the cost of ingredients and wage rises.

All families will have seen the cost of food rising when they do the weekly shop and this is no different for CATERed Ltd, Plymouth’s main school meal provider in all but a handful of schools and academies.

The Board of CATERed have, though, taken the decision that the cost of a paid for meal (and the value of a benefit-based Free School Meal) should not increase at the start of the new financial year, when most organisations introduce price increases. Instead families will benefit from a price freeze for the next six months, before a rise of 10 pence a day or 50 pence per week (4.7%) is introduced from the start of the new academic year on 03 September 2018.
The new price for a hot, two-course school meal, which also includes a drink, will be £2.20 for primary schools and special schools (and £2.50 for secondary schools and academies).

School meal prices in Plymouth schools will remain lower than, or the same as, those in surrounding areas including Bristol, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Somerset continuing CATERed’s ethos of providing excellent value for money for local families.

Brad Pearce, Managing Director at CATERed said: “The future increase is as a result of continuing rises in food and ingredient prices, which look set to continue, as well as an increase to our wage bill. CATERed employs 274 local people, who prepare around 12,000 meals every day to make sure children get the fuel they need to perform well at school. We are an accredited UK Living Wage Employer because we value our staff and firmly believe in looking after them so they do a great job looking after the children they serve every day.

“We understand that any increase in costs affects the disposable income of families across the city and it is something the Board has been working hard to avoid and will continue to minimise wherever possible in the future. We hope that those families who pay for school lunches will understand and continue using our service because we offer fantastic choice, great value for money and help children to learn better on full stomachs.”

CATERed was launched in April 2015 to ensure that all schools were able to provide great tasting, freshly prepared school food using locally and regionally sourced fresh seasonal ingredients with over 80 per cent of the lunchtime menu cooked from scratch every day.

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