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Numeracy Day

  •   Wed 07, 2018
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Numeracy Day!

On numeracy day students celebrated the importance of numbers.  The day encouraged students to reason and to apply simple numerical concepts through exploring everyday life skills.  The focus for maths day was Math Eye.  Maths Eye is the idea that mathematics is everywhere, around us in our real world. The year 7’s enjoyed a QR code maths quiz around the school, pizza making, school maths eye and Raiders in the afternoon. 

Year 8’s had an amazing time orienteering at central park. 

Year 9’s went into town for Plymouth Maths Eye. Year 10’s were in three groups, some went kayaking as part of their vocational activities, some went to Saltash to challenge Google maps, and some made rulers and gained life skill experiences at the local shops. 

Everyone had a great day and learnt many valuable skills.

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