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Autism Friendly Event and Activities across the city

  •   Fri 09, 2018
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Quiet at the Aquarium
The National Marine Aquarium is holding special events for those with sensory needs twice a year.  The next event is due in November 2018.

Autism Friendly Games Night
Devonport Park Activity Centre games night held for 10-16 year olds.  Second Friday of every month 4-7pm.  £5 per games night, drinks and snacks included.

Morrisons Quiet Hour
Quiet Hour takes place every Saturday in the Pomphlett Road store from 9-10am.

Autism friendly screenings at Vue Cinema
Vue Cinema host an autism friendly film in the morning on the last Sunday of every month.

4 Me and My Friends Youth Club
4 Me and My Friends is a group for young people (age 11+) who predominately have ASD and ADHD although they will also take those with other forms of disabilities and learning issues.
Contact Sue Willcocks, Senior Professional Youth Worker on 01752 307643 or John Davies, Senior Youth Support Worker on 01752 307695.  Every Wednesday 5-7.15pm Efford Youth Centre.

Active Argyle
Football and multi sport clubs run for 14 years plus with a disability.  More information please contact Josh Grant, Health and Disability Office on 01752 562561 ext 4 or email  Thursdays 4.45-6pm. £2 per session.

ADAPT from Exim Dance Company
ADAPT is a weekly dance class held at Plymouth School of Creative Arts for young people aged 12-25 with or without a disability.  The classes run every Friday during term time 4.30-6.30pm.  For more information email

Sensory Shopping at Drake Circus
Retailers in Plymouth shopping venue will be adapting stores on the first Saturday of every month between 9-10am.

Super Tramp Trampolining Support Sessions
Support sessions from 5 years plus.  Runs two support sessions during the week Thursday 4-5pm and Saturday 5-6pm (session also open to siblings).

Plymouth Music Zone Sensory Sounds
Music making activities for ages 4-16 years with learning difficulties, ASD and special education needs.  Sessions run Tuesdays 4-5pm during term time.  Call Steve on 01752 213690 or email

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