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Tree Planting

  •   Tue 11, 2018
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Tree Planting

As part of a topic on the environment and the importance of trees Year 7 went to Poole Farm, a Plymouth city farm, to plant trees on their grounds.  The students learnt about the importance of native trees to the countryside from experts, then  had the opportunity to add some to it.  The group worked really hard eventually planting 90 trees in total.  Joe Beswick, Farm Apprentice, kindly donated three trees to the school in recognition of their sterling work.  Year 7 chose a Hornbeam, a Hazel, and an Elder.  These will be planted on the school grounds in the next few weeks.  It will allow the students see  trees take root and grow and will hopefully remember the ones at Poole Farm.  The group conducted themselves well and in the afternoon were taken on a tour of the farm which they thoroughly enjoyed.

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