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Words that Burn

  •   Fri 01, 2019
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Words that Burn

Year 10 have been taking part in Amnesty International's Words that Burn programme of work.  So far we have researched the poets Nadia Anjuman and Jack Mapanje and how their human rights were broken as well as looking at all of our Human Rights but especially in relation to freedom and freedom of expression.  The students are writing poems in response to human rights being broken as well as some whole class poems.  Below is an example of the whole class poem they created about 'freedom of speech' which is based on the style of Elsa Weizell who wrote the poem 'Encounter with Freedom':

The Freedom of Life by 10/EN1

Like a joyful tear streaming down my face.

Like a dolphin swimming through blue water.

Like a horse galloping elegantly across the beautiful green fields.

Like a ghost of my conscience flowing across all time

Like a campfire in the night

Like a light at the end of the tunnel

Like a rabbit leaping with joy through fields

Like a baby’s first cry of breath

Like an angel singing from above

Telling me to shine bright…

“This is the way I love freedom”. 

Our students will be taking part in many activities including writing letters to Amnesty, entering an Amnesty one minute poem competition based on 'Power', entering a city wide poetry competition, producing a whole school Brook Green poetry anthology and doing other work in relation to Human Rights in relation to: 'Being Me', 'Change', 'Witness', 'Dignity', 'Speak Up', 'Power' and 'Respect'.   

If you would like to know more about Amnesty International and Words that Burn then please visit:

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