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Remembering the Holocaust

  •   Mon 01, 2019
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8SB RE Day: Remembering the Holocaust

Today 8SB learnt some extremely poignant history for Holocaust Memorial Day at Brook Green.  We learnt about the Nuremburg Laws and what these laws meant for Jewish people at the time.  We also learnt about the ghetto in Warsaw and how people might have lived there and what they might have eaten.  We then learnt about a man called Steven Frank who was only a boy at the time of the second world war and who ended up in Terezin concentration camp because of his religion.  We saw him go on a journey with his granddaughter Maggie who was rediscovering her grandfather's past.  We saw Steven Frank put down some stones on a memorial in Terezin to represent all of his family members who were murdered in different concentration camps including his father, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunties and cousins.  

Then we looked at different Holocaust memorials around the world and we made a memorial of our own that you can see in the photograph below.  We decided we wanted to make a very respectful memorial based on some of the other memorials around the world as well as our own ideas.  We included memorial stones, a tree whose strong roots mean we will always remember as well as shoes and suitcases which represent Jewish people having their identities and lives taken away from them. 

As Steven Frank said in the documentary, "we remember these things, and tell these things so your generation and the generation after you as well so people don't forget because as soon as you start forgetting about what happened in the past it will surely happen again."

If you would like to learn more about Steven Frank then please visit:

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