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Oracy Day at Brook Green 2019

  •   Wed 02, 2019
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Oracy Day at Brook Green 2019

Thursday 14th February was a special day at Brook Green where we had celebration of our oracy skills and our love of language.

All lessons during the day were led with dialogic teaching. Students did a variety of activities including a debate in Art about whether humans should or should not eat insects which led to a very interesting change of heart to all students agreeing that we should eat insects that have been bred for human consumption!  We had lessons in science that focused on listening skills and speaking with a purpose about our favourite animals where students then had to summarise other students' thoughts.  Some students played 'Barrier Games' where one student had to explain in detail what they were drawing and other students using their listening skills to then reproduce that drawing without seeing it.  Other students had a debate in English about knife crime in larger cities (and what can be done to stop it) because they are studying Gangsta' Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah whilst our year 10 students (who are taking part in the Amnesty Words that Burn project) debated Human Rights and working conditions in clothing factories in Bangladesh and what actions the consumer can take to stop child labour and low wages.  In Maths, students were challenged with  finding different shapes and then using as much vocabulary to describe the object for others to then guess the shape.  

Dialogic teaching is talk that engages, stimulates and extends thinking and advances learning and understanding.  It is where we encourage the interactive use of language as a part of learning.  Brook Green has taken part in the city-wide Oracy Project which is linked to School 21 in Stratford as well as Voice 21. If you would like to know more about the oracy project then please have a look at our Oracy Guidance Booklet.  

Oracy Booklet

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