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  •   Fri 11, 2014
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Brook Green’s Years 7 and 8 students were alive with excitement on the morning of Thursday 16th October when they all received their ‘Book Buzz’ book choice.  We had a wide variety of amazing adventures such as ‘Wild Boy’, ‘Whale Boy’ and ‘Ghost Stadium’ being chosen.  One of the most popular factual books was the delightfully disgusting but informative ‘Operation Ouch’ which is all about the human body!  ‘Winnie’s Dinosaur’ Adventure’ was another popular choice and even came with a CD!

‘Stories of WW1’ edited by Tony Bradman was also a very poignant and popular choice for both years 7 and 8.  “Tony Bradman invited 12 renowned children's authors to write short stories about a wide range of experiences of the First World War. Many have based their story on family history, re-imagining events from the lives of their grand- and great-grandparents. They were determined to show the wider impact of the First World War on their families at home - in Britain, Germany, France and Belgium and the contribution made by troops from the wider Empire”.

We hope all years 7 and 8 enjoy their books!

About Bookbuzz

“Bookbuzz is a reading programme from Booktrust, which supports schools to encourage reading for pleasure, independent choice and develop a whole school reading culture”.

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