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Plymouth Foodbank Collection 2014

  •   Tue 02, 2015
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Plymouth Foodbank Collection 2014

Student from tutor groups 7SB and 7MP initiated, co-ordinated and managed the Brook Green collection for the Plymouth Foodbank. Our aim was to collect food donations from staff and students at Brook Green in time for the busy Christmas period at the Foodbank.

At the start of the project, we researched charities such as Oxfam, Pets as Therapy and Playing for Change. The charity that we decided to focus on was the Plymouth Foodbank, which is in Stonehouse, Plymouth.

The Plymouth Foodbank helps to serve the community of Plymouth to fight poverty.  When people are in trouble and have no money they can go to the Foodbank and they will try to help by supplying them with enough food to get by. They also listen to people and try to support them.

We were committed to collecting as much as we could before the Christmas break!  We knew that if we wanted to collect a lot of food, we would need to make sure we told everyone in the school about the Plymouth Foodbank. We made presentations and went around to every class in the school to make sure they knew about the charity and to encourage them to collect as much food as possible.  We also made bright, informative posters and put them outside every classroom.

Staff and students at Brook Green needed to know what types of food to collect so we gave them this information; tins and dried food were best as they do not go out of date quickly. All of the food was collected in tutor groups and when the deadline came we put all of the donations in one room.

Altogether, Year 7 had managed to encourage staff and students at Brook Green to donate an amazing 137.64kg of food! (That’s 21.67 stone to those of you used to the non-metric system). 

The brilliant volunteers from Plymouth Foodbank came to Brook Green before we broke up for Christmas and a few members from each tutor group helped to load it into the car. They thanked us for the donations and the whole school were happy that food would go to people who needed it in time for Christmas!

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