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Doctors as Teachers

  •   Mon 02, 2015
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Doctors as Teachers

Local Authority schools and settings in partnership with the Peninsula Medical School have set up a new module for student medics to come into schools to deliver a range of activities around Health and Wellbeing. Brook Green were asked to join the project last year and we have been working with our student doctor on this.

As part of the Doctors for Teachers project Year 9 took part in an exciting range of learning activities when they were joined by Elen Gravell a Year 4 Medical Student.

A big thank you to Trainee Doctor, Elen Gravell, for delivering a thought provoking session to our Yr 9 students this week. The students learnt the importance of thorough hand washing and First Aid skills to give them a deeper understanding of looking after themselves and others, as part of the PSE programme.

Following the first activity of hand washing, Elen used ultra-violet light to check the students had washed their hands properly. If any bacteria remained then it would light up under the UV. It was quite incredible how much bacteria still remained on some of our hands! It just shows how careful you need to be with personal hygiene. Elen demonstrated how doctors have to wash their hands; it was a complicated routine but the class enthusiastically learnt and repeated it.

The session then focused on the amazingly informative and practical First Aid session. Working with a partner, the students bandaged arms and legs whilst pretending to have various different injuries. We were very proud that all of the students achieved this to a high standard - some even revealed prior knowledge of First Aid in outside settings.

Well done 9CN for welcoming Elen into our school, listening attentively and getting actively involved throughout the whole session!

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