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Paignton Zoo 2015

  •   Thu 03, 2015
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Paignton Zoo 2015

We then prepared ourselves for the day itself!  Our main focus this year was Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’.  Staff and students dressed as animals or had an animal themed item of clothing on.  There were some wonderfully dressed students and staff on the day including Mrs Miles who designed and created her own ‘Book Owl’ costume.


Mrs Miles as ‘The Book Owl’

This year we had decided to take all students and staff to Paignton Zoo.  The wonderful Mrs Moore organised and arranged everything and we all left school promptly at 9:30 to arrive at Paignton Zoo in time for the first fabulous lesson in the Education Department at the Zoo.

The superb staff at the zoo focused on animals from ‘The Jungle Book’ and we all explored the wonderful world of these animals through this lesson.  Students and staff experienced the sights, sounds and smells of the jungle whilst also learning about endangered species.  We learnt about animals and plants from the floor of the jungle all the way up to the canopy!  We all got to see the size of some animals by looking at specimens from the zoo such as the very long snake’s skin to the huge elephant’s tooth.  Everyone was also reminded how the illegal trade in such things as ivory affect the animal kingdom. 

Year 8 Lewis in the Education Centre at Paignton Zoo.

Students also had time to explore the zoo.  In small groups of students and staff, we all got to see the animals we wanted to as well as having a little time to enjoy the excellent grounds at Paignton Zoo.  Some of our favourite animals that day included the orang-utan who slowly walking around covered in a sack cloth, the lions who roared extremely loudly and could be heard on the other side of the zoo and the extremely playful baboons who were chasing each other around their rock.

Then we travelled back to school in time for the end of the school day.  However, the theme of animals continues into the term with a special competition where students are invited to submit a piece of writing about an animal.  Students are working on poetry, raps or a ‘Day in the Life of…’ and we will announce the winners towards the end of term.

We are all looking forward to next year where the exciting theme will be…you will have to wait until next year to read about it!  

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