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  •   Mon 03, 2019
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Open Doors Week

Open Doors week 18-22 March gives Plymouth schools the opportunity to look behind construction sites across Plymouth.  The aim of the project is to inspire young people to consider careers in the building industry. The city has ambitious plans to grow the population and there are many long term jobs available for those with the right skills. Year 10 students had the opportunity to visit Sherford site where 5,500 new homes are planned and the Maclaren Imax cinema and entertainment complex. 

 The students were impressed with the variety of jobs and trades that it takes to build a house (32 last count) and enjoyed their chance to look behind the hoardings to see the huge Imax cinema being put up in the city. 

 The students were a credit to the school and they asked some great questions.  All of them went away with a  better understanding of the opportunities available to them.

Brook Green World Book Day 2019

  •   Mon 03, 2019
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Brook Green World Book Day 2019

World Book Day this year took on a different twist with all year 7 to 10 students visiting Paignton Zoo.  Our focus was Dr Seuss and students took part in differentiated work whilst at the zoo such as an A-Z animal quiz or a Zoo quiz and completing an elephant and tortoise fact sheet.  Favourite animals from the day included the giraffes, gorillas, tortoise, meerkats and lions.  Some of the animals put on a great display for students – especially the roaring lions!

Students and staff came in dressed as many different characters such as Cat in the Hat, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Captain America and Ratfink!  Prizes were given out for best student in individual groups with a prize of an animal postcard, keyring, pencil and bracelet.  Prizes for the best costume will be given out at the end of term. 

Two students (one from year 10 and another from year 8) acted as photographers for the day and a display of their photographs can be seen in the main corridor outside Mrs Jordan’s office.

We all agreed it was a wonderful day and were pleased that the sun shone on us all day!

Raiders Clinic

  •   Wed 03, 2019
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Raiders Clinic March 2019

20 Brook Green Students attended the Raiders clinic on Sunday 17/03/2019 supported by Brook Green staff.

All students had a fantastic time and were a credit to themselves as well as a credit to School and their Parents and Carers.

They had the opportunity to meet the players individually and have photos and autographs.

Two Students had the opportunity of meeting Zak Wells Captain of the Team.

Plymouth Raiders were made to look ordinary as the BBL leaders, London Lions, triumphed 93-67 in a dominant display at the Pavilions.

After the disappointing loss, head Coach Paul James identified Plymouth's lacklustre rebound effort as key to the loss. He said: "We were playing a very good team in the London Lions. They have only lost two games in the BBL this season for a reason - they play tough.

The Lions showed ferocity through the mid-court, often dictating the speed of transitions and keeping their hosts on the back foot. James, though, felt other shortcomings to be the root cause of Raiders' woes, saying: "We wanted to try slowing them down, but you have to be scoring, you have to be getting to the free-throw line and rebounding the ball. If you are not doing those things, it is then hard to turn around and slow the Lions down.

Phoenix Project March 11th – 15th 2019

  •   Tue 03, 2019
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Phoenix Project March 11th – 15th 2019

Ten students from Brook Green took part in the phoenix project where they engaged in a range of team building activities.

They were supported by Mr Glanville of Brook Green who encouraged and supported them through the week.

The activity days enforce team-building skills around activities designed to support and promote students understanding of how to apply learning outcomes.

The activities were physically and mentally demanding, all students participated in all exercises. The activities included squad drills, hose running, and use of breathing apparatus, road traffic drills and team building exercises. Uniform and other safety wear were provided for these activities. At the end of the five day course there was a Passing Out ceremony to which family and friends were invited.

The Students completed a demonstration displaying their newly acquired skills.

Liam B won the overall recruit. Parents and school staff where invited. All would love to do it again next year a great success.

All Students were a credit to themselves as well as the School, Parents and Carers.

Plymouth Parent Carer Voice, Parent Carer S.E.N.D Conference

  •   Tue 03, 2019
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Plymouth Parent Carer Voice, Parent Carer S.E.N.D Conference

Welcome to the Plymouth Parent Carer Voice, Parent Carer S.E.N.D Conference.

Following on from the success of last year, this year will follow a similar format by enabling parents and carers to choose the talks and workshops that are relevant to their family.

To ensure the conference remains accessible to as many parent / carers as possible, there is an initial fee to register, which can be refunded to you in full when you sign-in on the day, or alternatively you can choose to donate it to PPCV so we can continue to put on events. The ticket can also be refunded up to the day before the event if you are unable to attend.

This year's talks and workshops are:

SEN Support:

If your son or daughter has special educational needs but does not have an Education Health and Care plan, this workshop will answer important questions about what schools put into place to remove barriers to learning. Find out about how schools help pupils secure good outcomes through a graduated response and the 'assess, plan, do, review cycle'.

Age range: early years, primary, secondary and post-16.

EHC plans:

This workshop will explain what an education, health and care plan is, as well as consider who might need a plan and how a plan is applied for.

Age range: early years, primary, secondary and post-16.

Annual Reviews:

If your son or daughter has an education, health and care plan, what should you expect from an annual review? This workshop explores constructing good outcomes and person centred planning.

Age range: early years, primary, secondary and post-16.


This workshop is a chance to explore the new ‘Plymouth Dyslexia Guidance’ and consider what really good support in the classroom looks like.

Age range: primary, secondary and post-16

ACCESS – Community Health, Wellbeing and SEND

This workshop will provide an update on where we are with ACCESS as we come to end of the first year of its launch. Age range: early years, primary, secondary and post-16

Age range: primary, secondary and post-16

Parent / Carer Participation

How you can be involved with changes to services and how to have your voice heard on what is working and what could be better in the world of SEND in Plymouth.

Age range: primary, secondary and post-16

Plymouth Autism Amplified Project

The Plymouth Autism Amplified Project toolkit is a locally co-produced booklet (with Routeways, PPCV and Young Minds), that is currently under review. We are looking for Parents / Carers and Young People to have their say in any changes that they would like to see included - for example size of the booklet new things to add.

Age range: primary, secondary and post-16

CAMHS - Secondary

Anxiety and development: understanding and responding to anxiety in secondary aged children with Autism

Age range: secondary and post-16

CDC - Primary

Anxiety and development: understanding and responding to anxiety in primary aged children with a developmental condition

Age range: primary

Improving Lives - DLA

Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for children may help with the extra costs of looking after a child who:

  • is under 16
  • has difficulties walking or needs more looking after than a child of the same age who does not have a disability

This talk is to give general information on meeting the criteria and how to apply.

Age range: primary, secondary up to the age of 16

The drop-in area will enable 1:1 meetings with professionals, where parents and carers can speak to any of the following organisations and services (these are currently provisional and subject to change):

  • PIAS
  • Preparing for Adulthood
  • 0-25 Team
  • Careers South West
  • Short Breaks
  • Educational Psychologist

Further information and updates can be found on Plymouthpcv on Facebook.

There is a charge to register but on the day you can choose to have either a refund or donate the fee to PPCV.

A light lunch will be provided and the event is held within school hours.

Any difficulties with booking please message through Facebook or

We look forward to seeing you there.

Please follow this link to book your place:


  •   Fri 03, 2019
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STEM DAY at Brook Green

Yesterday, Thursday 14th March was a whole school annual STEM day. Our theme for this year was the life and work of Stephen Hawkings. As Stephen Hawking was not only a famous physicist and sufferer of ALS, a type of Motor Neuron Disease, he was a well known Non believer in God. With this in mind we combined the day with one of our RE days. Tim from Humanist UK came in to talk to use about being a Humanist. 

We also had a visit from David Whitle from the Plymouth Astronomical Society, who talked to students in years 9 and 10 about the planets in our solar system, using different types of fruit to demonstrate the size differences. 

Students completed a range of activities including exploring space with VR, explore the distances between the planets in sheets of toilet roll and designing the must have gadget for 2119. 

Arts Award Exam Day

  •   Fri 03, 2019
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Arts Award Exam Day

Congratulations to our Year 11 students who completed their Arts Award Exam day on Tuesday 5th March!

The students spent the morning planning how to teach the skills they have learnt in Drama, and also sharing information about Artists, from all genre's, that inspire them.

In the afternoon the students performed an extract from 'Beautiful Burnout', a show devised by a professional Theatre company called Frantic Assembly. The students performed with immense focus, staying in character throughout, engaging both staff and students alike. The students also taught Drama skills to three different groups who thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and were completely in awe of our exemplar Year 11 students.

I am so very proud of the students progress throughout the Arts Award, I hope the memory of this day will make them smile in years to come!

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