Design Technology

Through Design and Technology students experience working with a wide range of materials, using a variety of processes, all within the structure of the design process. Students get the opportunity to develop problem solving skills & fine motor skills, explore creative design & development and work as individuals & as part of a team. From the different experiences students are provided with the chance to enhance many life skills and confidences.

At Key Stage 3 students complete term long projects which develop different elements of the design process and core practical skills. Each project also introduces a new materials & elements of the Design & Technology curriculum, in readiness for KS4 and provide experiences of using a range of tools that may be needed in adulthood and in the world of work. Projects include making paddle boats, trophies, programing micro:bits, making an MP3 speaker circuit and casing and sewing pillowcases.

At Key Stage 4, students continue to work through projects that enhance practical skills and develop working knowledge of a range of traditional materials. Each project uses a range of using hand tools and machines including CADCAM. Projects include making small skate boards, lamps, coat hooks and stool.