Modern Foreign Languages

The Modern Foreign Languages Course in KS3 at Brook Green Centre for Learning follows the National Curriculum.

KS3 students study French on a weekly basis learning about French culture and language. Throughout the year, they learn a repertoire of words and sentences in order to read, write, respond and converse in the target language, for example presenting themselves, greeting, preferences, hobbies, classroom objects and instructions... Lessons are taught mainly in the target language to familiarise themselves with the pronunciation. All lessons are differentiated to their needs and relate to their interests. Role play, games and ICT are used to enthuse the students in learning the language which they greatly enjoy. Most students are very curious about the culture and traditions and have an enquiring mind which drives them to ask for more facts and vocabulary.
At KS4, students have the possibility to carry on with MFL study as an option in the view to acquire some qualifications.

An Entry Level in French with OCR.

Year 10 and Year 11 students will explore five different topics:

  • Home and Local Area
  • Health and Sport
  • Leisure and Entertainment
  • Travel and the Wider World
  • Education and Work
They will take their exams in Speaking and Listening, Reading and, Writing in Year 11.

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