Trinity Sailing Trip 2013

After the original dates had been postponed Brook Green eventually got off on their annual sailing trip October 14th to 18th.

All in all an excellent week with a great bunch of young people!!

We boarded the leader ( the biggest of the Trinity vessels) on the Monday afternoon and after all the introductions and safety briefs we got under-way.

Brief itinerary:

- Monday: Left Brixham at 5.30 and stayed over night in Dartmouth, lovely coming in by moonlight.

- Tuesday: Left Dartmouth and sailed west to Plymouth. Moored in the sound just under Jenny cliff. A very rough night indeed!!

- Wednesday: Left the sound after a very rocky night on board..not much sleep for anyone!!

The trip out of the sound was, by 11.00 am, a sunny and very rough ride with a force 5 -6 blowing. More like a fair ride( check Video!) Rocked and rolled east to Salcoombe.

- Thursday: Up at 7.00 then breakfast and we went ashore. An hour in the town then dinghy ride over to the eastern bank for some swimming!! Yes some of the lads went in...Very brave. A lovely time had by all. Thursday afternoon sailed back to Dartmouth, another sunny but rocky and roly a fair.

- Friday: Left Dartmouth and sailed east back to our start destination of Brixham. A thorough clear of the vessel and on the bus by 21.15.

An excellent  trip and an excellent group. Everyone was up for it. Everyone mucked in with the work, cleaning, sail setting cooking and generally dealing with the boat. All the students had a very positive experience. Trinity staff were very good as usual. Food was great. Alround, a great experience enjoyed by all!