School Council Crew

What student council is about

  • Giving every student in the school a chance to say what they want, knowing that they will be listened to and that their views will be considered in order to make positive changes in school.
  • Sharing and exchanging ideas with students in other forms and other years.
  • Involving students in making decisions about how the school is run.
  • Giving students experience of creating new initiatives, solving problems and achieving their goals.
  • Respecting students in their own education and improving the school community.
  • Involving the whole school community in developing shared standards of behaviour and maintaining them
  • Making sure that students have the right to express their views, and to have their views taken into account, on matters that concern their life in school.
  • Ensuring that the school is a happy one for all students to enable them to learn to the best of their ability.

Fund Raising

Or School Council are very passionate about fundraising and making a difference.  We have supported many charities locally, nationally and internationally over the years.
  • Locally we have supported the Shekinah Mission with £185 and Prostrate Cancer £1197, both in the Autumn term. We also collected food for the Plymouth Food Bank
  • Nationally, The British Heart Foundation and raised £150 
  • Internationally,  World Book Aid which supports children in developing countries to improve the literacy through books. On World Book Day the school dressed up as their favourite book character, overall the school raised £85. 
Every year, in aid of school funds,  we organise a Christmas Fete, which enables our Year 11 leavers to have a School Prom.
During the summer Students held a table top sale at Whitleigh Green and also spent the day bag packing at Tescos, along with a very kind donation from Plymouth Masons these activities enables students to take part in a trip to Paris as part of enhancement week.

School Council has also supported the following charities:
  • MacMillan Cancer Support, since 2013 we have raised £785
  • The PDSA 
  • Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home 
  • The Chestnut Appeal for Prostate Cancer
  • Jeans for Genes Day, since 2014 we have raised £358 
  • The Poppy Appeal - annually
  • St Luke's 
  • FLEET (Front Line Emergency Equipment Trust) 
  • Starlight Children's Ward at Derriford Hospital 
  • Canine Partners