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Brook Greens first week back at Poole Farm

Thursday 11th was Brook Greens first week back at Poole Farm and this cohorts first time being here since the beavers have been in town.  


The students patrolled the stream and new ponds for evidence of the beavers and found lots of willow that had been nibbled, a large alder tree the beavers have been gnawing on, and even some beaver poo!


They also checked the camera traps and saw last night's footage of the beavers and it was great to see how excited the students were to see this.


They really liked finding willow branches that had been stripped by the beavers.  So,the plan for next week is to make beaver walking sticks.  (For people, not the beavers).  


They also chopped logs and tidied the wood store which they really loved doing. 


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