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Clan Kind Project

Clan-Kind is part of the Mayflower celebrations and the sister project of Settlement, a creative digital occupation by 28 Native American artists.

8PEA are taking part in the project and are working with artist Karen Evens. The themes encompass, a sense of place, identity, ancestry and belonging.

Most of the sessions are being delivered via Zoom.

The first session involved exploring the heritage of the local area with historian Richard Fisher.

The students discovered a local connection to David Attenborough, the history of Whitleigh, the wildlife in the woods and a visit to Woodland Fort.

The second session was a foraging session, led by Tess Wilmot, on the school grounds. The students identified and tasted sorrel, which was found at the front of the school. Tess introduced them to plants that had medicinal properties as well as plants that are harmful. Students ate hazel nuts and collected natural found objects to create a mandala.

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