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Team Two-tastic Activities

Students and staff at Brook Green have had a busy week. 

Team Two-tastic started the week with outdoor learning and DT making pizzas using the wood fired ovens.  The students made the pizza dough then prepared their own toppings.  They made calzone and were able to use their pasty crimping techniques and also focaccia.  Everyone really enjoyed the activity and they tasted great, there was even a vegan option.

Later in the week KS4 designed their own orienteering course where they got to use a variety of skills such as problem-solving, teamwork along with maths.

Later in the week the students also took part in building a cardboard that will be entered into a competition where students will float their boat in Plymouth sound.  It was a complicated process but the students thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.  This is a fantastic opportunity and when the lockdown is over we will be entering our boat into the competition.  We are currently thinking of a name for it, the theme for the competition in Mayflower 400. The students have also been making chocolate boxes and chocolates hopefully some parents and carers got to sample the fruit of their labours.

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