Citizenship and PSHEE​

The Citizenship programme directly contributes to the ethos of the Brook Green Centre for Learning as well as preparing our students to become caring and responsible citizens. At Key Stage 3, Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) and Citizenship Education are delivered discretely in order to give students a clear distinction between these two different subjects.

Our vision is to provide students with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make healthy and safe life choices and to help develop positive relationships and respect diversity. In addition, we provide students with the tools to allow them to play a full and active part in society, respecting different national, religious and ethnic identities.

The subject is timetabled for one lesson each week across each year group in Key Stage 3.


Key Stage 3​


Students study a range of Citizenship and PSHEE topics throughout the year;


Year 7:

  • Identities

  • SRE (Puberty)

  • Health and Wellbeing

  • Democracy

  • Introduction to Law

  • Introduction to Politics

Year 8:

  • Human Rights

  • Global links

  • Personal finance

  • Community awareness

  • Puberty and adolescence

  • Drugs and alcohol education

Year 9:

  • Young people and the law

  • Politics and voting

  • Sex and relationships education

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • The media

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 students will follow different strands personalised to their curriculum offer.

Those following the ASDAN Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE) strand have 2 lessons per week. ​Those following the Life Skills Pathway have sessions designed to encourage independence and build on skills that they will need in later life.

The Asdan teaching builds on the Key Stage 3 course and allows students to deepen their knowledge and understanding of democracy, justice, rights and responsibilities, identities and diversity. Students will develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to take action with others to address citizenship issues in their communities.

The ASDAN Certificate of Personal Effectiveness and Award of Personal Effectiveness (AoPE)

Students must complete a series of six challenges ranging from Communication, the Environment, to Independent Living. Within these Challenges they must demonstrate 4 Skills for the Award. 

The Skills are chosen from; Working with Others, Problem Solving, giving an Oral Presentation, Research, Group Discussion, and Improving Own Learning and Performance.


The ASDAN Bronze Award of Personal Development Programmes (PDP)

Students following the Life Skills Pathway undertake this programme.  They too must produce a portfolio showing the challenges they have undertaken. The course is designed to provide the learning in smaller achievable chunks. The Bronze Award represents around 10 hours Contact time. The Portfolio of work is internally moderated and the mark is externally verified.  The successful student will gain a Bronze Certificate Award.


ASDAN AoPE a Portfolio of Coursework is externally moderated and is equivalent to a GCSE Grade 2 to 3

ASDAN Bronze Award for Personal Development Programme the Portfolio of Coursework is externally moderated to achieve a Bronze Award. These Bronze Awards can be used as credits towards gaining a Silver and Gold Award. This can in turn be put towards an AoPE that can be undertaken in a post 16 setting.

CAREERS Home Learning


This website is aimed at all year groups and students can research information about jobs and subject links to careers.  There are also daily lesson updates available.



This is a link to a free virtual 5-day work experience programme for Year 10’s developed by Scape for students interested in a career in the construction industry starting on the 18th May.




There are a variety of challenges for students to try aimed at all students.




This is a free online resource for UK students examining computer science and cyber security information.  There are options for all levels of ability.



This is an initiative set up by the Youth Games Careers Service aimed at students who are interested in a career in the gaming industry.  It provides a platform for young people to learn how to design video games through practical weekly challenges.

Other learning activities you could do with your child


Discuss jobs/careers you (or a family relative) have had in the past with your child and how they have influenced where you are today.  You could map your journey from doing household chores/Saturday jobs to the job you do now. 

Encourage your child to map how their job/career path might look like and outline the challenges they may need to overcome to succeed.


Citizenship / PSHE Home Learning

The British Army:  perhaps you would not initially think of looking at this website but the British Army have released home learning resources that help to build confidence as well as develop learning and skills.  There are home learning lessons about character building, confidence, maths, science, employability and many other topics.  It is well worth a look.

ASDAN:  this is a very good website and our older students already be familiar with them.  They cover English, maths, PSHE, Citizenship and employability. They have adapted some of their resources to fit our current movement restrictions.  They have also made available a large number of resources for learners with special needs.  There are challenges for students and these can be completed within the household environment.  Again, it is well worth having a look to see if you can find something to suit your child.

Website: (Careers Ed)


This is suitable for Year 11 students to get them to think about what careers or jobs may suit them.  It is a personality test that links a person’s traits to specific jobs.  On the site in general there are videos about what different jobs entail, also information about pay rates etc.


Website: (Environmental Learning)


This is an interactive game suitable for Year 7 – 8 where students learn elements about building an ecological town and there are videos explaining bits and bobs they need to include and then they get the chance to build according to what they have just learnt.  It needs to have flash player version 7 for it to work.


Website: (ASDAN Furnish a flat on a budget)


This is a good site for Year 10 students to use to think about what they would put into a flat. They can design the first floor for free, to go to another level you have to pay.  Students enjoy this activity and some very creative flats have been designed.




This site is a fun activity for KS4 students they can make a photofit of a face.  I use it to think about what attracts a person to another, and it is a real challenge to make an attractive face!


Website: (Britishness and British Values)


This site is a British Citizenship Test that I use with my Year 7s because you can listen to the questions you can try it yourself and see how many you get out of 24.

Other learning activities you could do with your child

Go onto

There are lots of learning linked to short video dramas that are designed to promote discussion and debates.

This is a US site and it has lots of activities to consider what is a good citizen ect there are 20 activities to consider.

There are a series of activities and worksheets from ACT (Association for Citizenship Teaching) the link is to google drive (students should have access and there are resources that can be used at home)

Home Learning Skills Builder

Home Learning Hub. Everyone needs eight essential skills to succeed - whatever their path in life. We're providing a range of resources for building these skills in a home setting - all underpinned by the Skills Builder Framework. Resources are available for learners aged 4 to 20+