Therapies at Brook Green

Here at Brook Green we are very lucky to be able to offer our students a range of therapeutic interventions to support their emotional health and wellbeing.

We actually invest in the development of our good practice in therapeutic support by releasing a number of specialist Teaching and Learning Assistances each week to enhance our provision and enable our students to develop their emotional, wellbeing and  resilience.

The therapeutic interventions that are available to our students are:

Lets Talk: The aims of ‘Lets Talk’ sessions are to help build confidence and self-esteem through small group activities and opportunities to talk.

Playworx - The Rules & Principles of Theraplay: The aim of Playworx is to build and enhance attachment, self-esteem trust in others, joyful engagement.

Therapeutic Music: The aims of the therapeutic music sessions we run are to facilitate positive changes in our students and help build their self-esteem.

ELSA: Emotional literacy is an intervention within the school that can continue up to six weeks. It covers Social Skills, Emotions, Bereavement, Social Stories, Therapeutic Stories, Anger Management and Self-Esteem.

Set for Life: The aim of Set for Life sessions is to develop confidence co-ordination, independence and social communication based on life skills.

We also offer some bespoke individual therapeutic interventions for students.

If you would like to find out more please contact Mrs Newcombe, Mrs Krac or Mrs Jordan.

Wider Brook Green

Brook Green also accesses a wider range of visiting professionals to support our students, families and staff:

Alison Alway - Educational Psychologist
Ricky Netting - Specialist OT
Gareth Mawson - Counsellor (Young Devon)
Jo Ellerton - CAMHS
School Locality Nurse - Sarah Bedford
Lucy Amber - Paediatrician
Kate Cable & Diane Rowe - CSW

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