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Key Stage 3 Humanities

Geography and History are taught through an integrated curriculum. We aim to deliver a curriculum that is purposeful and relevant. Carefully chosen topics encourage greater tolerance towards others and greater understanding of the difficulties the world faces today. Key enquiry questions help our pupils to explore and develop at their own pace. We try to engage pupils through a range of different tasks and activities including trips and visits. 

Key Stage 4 Humanities

Humanities helps students to make sense of the world that they live in. Students are given the opportunity to study some of the important issues that feature heavily in the news such as global warming, immigration and renewable energy. They will also study how history has shaped today’s society with units that cover topics such as a British Society in the Past – The First World War where students look at differences and similarities between past and present and how key features affected people’s lives in the past. Another topic that will be studied is Historical Change Over Time - Crime and punishment-  c1700 - present day, in this module students look how types of crime have changed, how policing have evolved and why methods of punishment have changed from public hanging  to community service.

Studying Humanities enables students to develop important skills. They are provided with the opportunity to enhance their analytical powers and their ability to build a sound argument. Humanities lessons also contain tasks that further the students’ literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.

Qualification: WJEC/Entry Pathways

Home Learning Links

BBC Bitesize is a great online resource with lots of subjects across the curriculum. When you go onto the website, click on primary/secondary and the key stage, scroll down until you find ‘Geography’ and ‘History’. You see many different topics such as: Ancient Greece, Shang Dynasty and Ancient Egypt in the History curriculum and Weather and Climate, Mapping the World and Volcanoes in the Geography curriculum. 

Websites:  and

Horrible Histories is a classic TV show from the BBC. If you click on this link, it will take you to BBC Iplayer. You will see many different episodes around subjects in History such as: The Tudors, Victorian schools and The Stone Age. Website:

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