Design Technology


Through Design and Technology students experience working with a wide range of materials, using a variety of processes, all within the structure of the design process. Students get the opportunity to develop problem solving skills & fine motor skills, explore creative design & development and work as individuals & as part of a team. From the different experiences students are provided with the chance to enhance many life skills and confidences.


At Key Stage 3 students complete term long projects which develop different elements of the design process and core practical skills. Each project also introduces a new materials & elements of the Design & Technology curriculum, in readiness for KS4. 


At Key Stage 4 students are work towards a variety of Unit Awards from AQA. The units provide evidence of student’s having completed a range of practical and theory based skills using a variety of materials and learning experiences. The units are selected to provide each student with some experience in a career area that interests them.

Design Technology Home Learning


The Leaders Award ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do? Home Learning packs 
There is nothing like a little boredom to fuel creative invention! With that in mind we are offering the Leaders Award resource packs to children between the ages of 3 and 19 yrs who would like to take part in this year. To fuel that invention further we will be providing more online interviews with engineers talking about their work and answering your questions.’ 


Animal adaptations 

Looking at how animals have adapted to cope with all sorts of conditions. Exploring communication strategies, travel, camouflage and life in challenging settings, and the way humans can learn from animals. 


Future world 

What does the future hold? From what we wear, how we get our energy and even what we eat—there’s always room for innovation. Exploring technology and its possible applications in the future, with an emphasis on sustainability. Many of the activities could contribute toward becoming an Eco School. 


STEM challenges 

A collection of STEM challenges created by Practical Action to support primary and secondary STEM Clubs and curriculum activity, but can be used at home as required. Each challenge should last about 5 hours in total, but this can be spread of a number of sessions.