All students complete two weeks of E-Safety training every year with an additional week during Internet Safety Week held in February.  E-Safety and ICT is ongoing throughout the curriculum on a daily basis. In addition to this Parents have the opportunity to attend E-Safety courses held at the school where worries and concerns are discussed and advice given.

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What Parents need to know about MOMO

Momo is a sinister 'challenge' that has been around for some time. It has recently resurfaced and once again has come to the attention of schools and children across the country. Dubbed the 'suicide killer game', Momo has been heavily linked with apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, You Tube and most recently (and most worryingly) You Tube Kids. The scary doll-like figure reportedly sends graphic violent images and asks users to partake in dangerous challenges like waking up at random hours and has even been associated with self-harm. It has been reported that the 'Momo' figure was originally created as a sculpture and features in an art gallery in Tokyo and unrelated to the 'Momo' challenge we are hearing about in the media.

* A guide for parents of children and young people, who have got in trouble online.

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