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We believe our students will thrive and achieve when they are the centre of their learning in a happy, caring and supportive environment, where the value of all individuals in our school community is celebrated’ 



The purpose of our work is to improve the life chances of each and every student attending Brook Green and this is the aim of our strategic plan.  Through our ongoing self-evaluation and review processes we have identified our key priorities and areas for development.  


Our strategic plan is developed through discussion by, and consultation with staff, governors, parents and students. The plan incorporates the school’s response to the recommendations made in our last Ofsted inspection in March 2018. All curriculum leaders identify in their own one year action plans how they will contribute to a number of our key priorities. 


Our plan does not necessarily cover every aspect of our planning or management but focuses on areas considered to be of a high priority or requiring innovation. In addition, the opportunities to support our students, staff, parents and carers offered after the completion of our plan will be seized upon as appropriate. 


As a leadership team we have a real sense of responsibility to ensure that we keep abreast of new practice, innovation and research to help us understand our students even better and inform our practice. It is therefore very much a working document that will be subject to regular updates. Its aim is to target the use of school resources, physical and human, in order to maximise levels of student attainment and development through high quality teaching and leadership in a clear and focused way. 


The Governors have a key role in monitoring the strategic plan, which they do through their board meetings. They form an integral part of our strategic plan and play a lead role in monitoring the actions and impact. Each governor is linked to a specific area/s and regularly visits these and reviews the work of the team. Governors act as critical friends to challenge and support the school in its work. 

BELIEVE: Feel sure you are capable of achieving something

  • To ensure that the school is well placed to continue to provide the outstanding resources and experiences that enable us to meet the increasingly complex needs of all of our students

  • Maintain outstanding progress and attainment as a result of effective leadership and management

  • To plan the school’s strategic response to the shifting economic landscape and increasing demand for places and wider support, in particular with regard to Post 16 provision

  • Governance is reflective, engaged, challenging and knowledgeable about the school: Governance is outstanding 

  • Continue to build capacity to sustain and develop the effectiveness of outstanding leadership by developing talented staff 

  • Effective succession planning across teaching and non teaching staff

  • Have a developed policy and practice of systems leadership enabling school support activities to be effective and to develop our outreach programme to other schools  

  • To further develop the role of curriculum leads in line with whole school priorities

THRIVE: To grow, develop and be successful

  • To maintain the consistent high quality of Teaching and Learning across the school  

  • To further implement our innovative and relevant curriculum to empower students to have the best possible life chances

  • To have embedded Literacy, Oracy and Numeracy across the curriculum (RWCM)

  • To embed students’ phonics skills to improve their spelling

  • To further develop timely and personalised interventions for students to make at least expected progress. To include effective implementation, tracking and evaluation of all behaviour support programmes and intervention programmes

  • To explore the range of provision alternative and mainstream both available at KS4 and Post 16

  • Focus the pastoral team on prioritising achieving an average school attendance of above 96% and persistent absentee (PA) students’ attendance data to below 10% of school population

  • Families, school and multi - agency teams work together to enable all students to achieve personalised learning outcomes

  • To develop students social understanding including management of own feelings

  • To enhance the current Emotional Health and Well Being offer for the school community

  • To continue to provide a high standard of parental engagement

  • To review the reporting system to parents

ACHIEVE: to succeed in finishing something or getting a great result

  • To continue to develop the careers advice and work place learning experiences for students

  • To continue to develop and enhance Teaching and Learning by embedding ‘outstanding’ practice to ensure student achievement continues the upward trend

  • Review current systems of assessment in line with curriculum innovation

  • Develop Marking for Learning to improve student progress

  • To further develop moderation of attainment in core subjects

  • Explore new ways of capturing student achievement to evidence progress

  • Embed the ‘catch up’ sessions and review their impact along with the intervention team

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