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The sessions are designed to help parents and carers support their child to complete the set homework and improve general literacy and numeracy skills.

Key Stage 3



Homework is set on a Friday for all students, and should be returned on the following Friday. They are given the whole week so that everyone can complete the work, even if they are away for the weekend or have clubs on week nights etc. Home work is very important as it gives students the chance to do some mathematics outside of the classroom. It can reinforce concepts and topics taught in school and can also give them the chance to work together with parents, grandparents, carers etc. Some tasks can ignite a interest in certain areas of maths or show how maths can be used in the real world.  

The homework could be a set of questions on a topic learnt in class. Alternately, it could be an open question in which a simple answer can be found or a much more robust answer that requires logic and elements of mathematical proof.  Such a question could be: How many different ways can you make 15 pence using everyday coins. It is surprising how many different ways there are. Students who are very good at maths will find a method to find all the answers that exhaust all possibilities, but all can find some answers.

There are lots and lots of websites that can help with mathematics, any google search will find thousands of good maths sites.  Two of the best are BBC Bitesize and also YouTube. YouTube is excellent as many videos will have a teacher explaining what to do and students enjoy using YouTube anyway.

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