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Our vision, values and purpose


‘We believe our students will thrive and achieve when they are the centre of their learning in a happy, caring and supportive environment, where the value of all individuals in our school community is celebrated’


Believe ~ Thrive ~ Achieve

Believe ~ feel sure that you are capable of doing something


  • Brook Green is a vibrant school where success is achieved and celebrated by all and where students believe in themselves;

  • We believe in student centred learning maximising the opportunities for our young people;

  • We believe our young people will develop into caring, healthy, confident and creative individuals



Thrive ~ to grow, develop and be successful


  • To help our young people develop a strong sense of belonging and involvement because every voice will be heard;

  • Our young people will thrive by engaging with the wider community in developing life skills and building resilience to enhance, enrich and reinforce learning;

  • Our staff will thrive through our bespoke staff development programme, linked to individual needs, providing the best possible learning opportunities for our students



Achieve ~ to succeed in finishing something or getting a great result


  • Our students will achieve the best that they can by developing a sense of curiosity and creativity in their learning and their lives;

  • Our students will achieve in a world outside the classroom through the delivery of an innovative and inspiring curriculum;

  • We will pursue opportunities to develop a post 16 provision to ensure our young people have greater choice when moving into adulthood and employment

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