"Brook Green Centre for Learning is committed to delivering financial education through Citizenship and Mathematics as part of our commitment to life skills and preparing all our young people to successfully engage in the community around them, making a contribution to the society in which they live."

Where Learning is a Way of Life

Brook Green Centre for Learning is in Plymouth and has been purpose built for young people aged 11-16 who have moderate learning, behavioural and social disadvantages. The best way for you to really know and understand our school is by coming to see us so the young people, staff and governors can share their experience and learning.

Our Vision

The governors will work with staff and parents/carers to ensure that our students experience a vibrant, enjoyable and challenging education where they are expected to achieve the highest standards they are capable of achieving.

We will aim for all students to be literate and numerate and confident to succeed in their future adult lives when they leave Brook Green.

We will enable students to take as wide a range of recognised qualifications as possible in order for them to have opportunities to choose appropriate next steps.

We must ensure that our students are confidently able to take a full role in the world beyond school.

We will ensure that all students are able to move on at Key Stage 5 to further education, training or employment. We will ensure that all our students have experienced a further education college course and a work placement before leaving Brook Green in order that they are able to make good choices for their next step on leaving school.

We will ensure that Brook Green Centre For Learning staff have the necessary training and opportunities for professional development in order that the best possible educational experience is open to our students.

We will ensure our students learn about healthy lifestyles.

We will ensure that our students have an understanding of their community and the wider world to enable them to contribute to them.

Our students will be taught the importance of respect in a safe, friendly, caring and purposeful learning environment which will enable them to play a full role in our multi-cultural society.

Poor behaviour will always be addressed early and parents/carers will be informed and involved wherever possible in all action to improve a student’s behaviour.

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