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Pre DofE Year 9


In year 9 the students are given the opportunity to preparing for their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh (DofE), through a school initiative lead Pre DofE curriculum. The students, through a range of activities will develop their resilience, perseverance and teambuilding skills.

Through Pre DofE the children will have the opportunity to be involved in activities based on the DofE format i.e. Volunteering, skills, physical, and Expedition training. To help us do this it is our aim to get the students out as much as possible; whether it is at the school allotment, woods or surrounding area.

Through the Autumn, Spring and Summer terms the students will concentrate on navigation, cooking, fitness and health, Expedition training and walks. Through the volunteering section the students will create a product to sell, to raise money for a local charity.


The students will obtain a range of AQA unit awards for each area.

Duke of Edingburgh (DofE) Year 10

In Year 10, students complete their Bronze DofE on a Tuesday. Over the 3 terms the students will work through the different sections of their DofE. The students set goals for each section, volunteering, skills and physical and with support have the year to complete. To gain the bronze DofE award the students, in the summer term, will undertake an expedition of 2 days 1 night camp, this can be on Bodmin moors or from school.

The Duke of Edinburgh is all about team work, resilience and perseverance. Students are expected to embrace the ethos of challenging themselves to learn new skills and work together on new challenges. On the DofE day, students will be expected to wear their DofE tops (provided by school) and sensible trousers. On days, students walk on the moors, students will need walking boots and socks as well as sensible walking trousers and waterproof coats.

We offer a range of activities for volunteering, litter picking, allotment and school ground maintenance, local community projects.

Physical activities, include gym work, sports, walking, or using local facilities.

In skills, students learn navigation, cooking, bike maintenance, first aid and much more.

If they complete all sections and the 2 days 1 night expedition they will gain their Bronze DofE Awards.

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